Welcome to Bosolo Farms
We farm traditional British breeds of livestock and sell vegetables grown on our farm amidst breathtaking views on the lovely Isle of Arran.

Situated on the south end of the Isle of Arran, all of our animals are reared in an extensive way providing the best possible environment to grow and mature succulent and tender, natural meat bursting full of good flavour.

What started simply as growing a few vegetables for ourselves has ballooned into an acre and a half of vegetables available to buy from the Honesty Box at the end of the farm drive. We believe passionately in local produce and feel it is important for people to reconnect with food 'in season'.

Our animals are fed only on what we can produce on the Farm

With hundreds of years of history and experience, we know how to produce something that tastes amazing and we get an enormous amount of pleasure from hearing how much you all enjoy the 'real' taste of food again!

Not only do we believe in our own farming history, but we believe in Britains' Farming History! For this reason, we only use traditional British breeds providing top quality tasting food that has made UK farmers famous the world over.

By rearing our animals outside we find they are much healthier which means we use less medication. We believe our island environment packs our products full of vital vitamins and minerals which are essential for us to lead a healthy lifestyle.



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