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Hereford & Angus Beef

 All of our beef comes directly from the fields on Arran and we guarantee that you'll enjoy it so much you'll come back for more! By bypassing major food retailers and suppliers, we ensure that none of our meat is contaminated with other products, and by staying in constant contact with the produce, we can ensure that it is exactly what it says on the label.......100% pure British beef!! 

For years we have stuck with the same two breeds of cattle, The Aberdeen Angus, and primarily, the Hereford, both of which are reared outside on grass. There is one simple reason for this, they produce the best beef! The Hereford is the world's premier beef breed and has complete traceability from the pasture to the plate. The Hereford is the most efficient converter of grass and unlike many bigger, continental breeds, does not need a constant supply of man-made food in order to add size to its carcass. This is better for the cow and better for the consumer,

"Scientists at the University of Bristol have proved that grass fed beef improves; colour, prolongs shelf-life and increases levels of omega-3, an essential fatty acid" (

As well as this, cattle reared outside on grass have the freedom to roam and exercise which increases the blood flow through the muscles, increasing the supply of vital nutrients, whilst also keeping the cattle lean with no excess fat lying around the carcass. We transport our cattle only a short distance for slaughter, reducing the stress on the animals which helps to prevent the release of chemicals in the meat which in turn raise the pH level, which would result in dry, flavourless beef.

Marbling in Hereford FilletAlthough smaller than some continental breeds of cattle, Herefords and Angus have stayed at the forefront of beef production due to the superior flavour which they produce, and this is, in part, down to something called marbling in the meat. This simply means that rather than have lumps of fat lying round the outside of the muscle, Herefords and Angus' have streaks of lean fat running through it, adding flavour and texture to the meat. This has been proven to provide better tasting meat, and is better at providing the essential fatty acids that we require in our diet.

Once the cattle have been slaughtered, we butcher and package all of our own produce, freeze and store it to ensure that there can be no contamination from other products.

"Over the past two hundred years Hereford cattle have been exported to the four corners of the world, due to its reputation as a high class beef animal. From the pampas grasslands of Argentina to the vast prairies of North America Herefords have thrived, producing great tasting beef..."

If you don't believe us, give us a try, we're positive you'll be back......

Bososlo Blackface Lamb
As with our cattle, we believe the best way to rear tasty, succulent lamb is to rear them extensively on only what grows naturally on the farm. Blackface sheep are one of the best breeds in the world at thriving in difficult conditions such as those found on the hills of Arran. Left to roam on the hill tops, our blackies are fed on some of the UK's most delicious herbs, grasses and berries, which in some areas of the island include: heather, bilberries, white clover, meadow buttercups, purple moor grass, radishes, and mustards such as Lady's Smock.

"Recent research carried out in 2006 compared lamb reared on a variety of pasture types. Lamb (Blackface Lamb) reared on species-rich moorland pasture has higher Vitamin E and Omega 3 fatty acid levels than those reared on semi improved grassland" (

Not only is our lamb delicious, but it is packed full of all the vital nutrients that you need to sustain a healthy and balanced diet. As a member of the BSBA (Blackface sheep Breeders Association) our meat can be traced from your plate directly to the animal in the field ensuring that you know exactly what you are eating and where it came from.

Bosolo Berkshire Pork

We only use Berkshire pigs to obtain the tastiest meat from which we make our famous sausages and hams, along with our other pork products. The Berkshire is renowned for its early finishing, meaning that it can be slaughtered sooner, at a weight 45kg rather than having to weight longer for a bigger carcass. Although this produces a smaller carcass, it is advantageous because it means the animals are slaughtered before they are able to put on too much fat. This is why our pork is all very lean and in particular, why our sausages and bacon does not drip excess fat all over your cooker unlike most varieties found in the supermarket!

"in Japan...the breed is very popular and is marketed as Black Pork at a premium price. Japanese buyers still consider Berkshires from Britain to have the best taste and flavour" (

As with all our animals, the pigs are reared outside on natural feeds grown on the farm.

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