Bosolo Farm Produce - Extensively Reared Quality Meat

                          Welcome to Bosolo Farms
We deliver top quality, succulent and tasty home reared meat staright to your plate

Situated on the Isle of Arran, all of our produced is reared outdoor providing the best possible environment to grow succulent and tender, natural meat bursting full of healthy fatty acids and flavour.

What started simply as an idea supplying Beef, Lamb and Pork to a few family and friends has grown and flourished and allowed us to supply succulant, tender meat, packed with flavour and locally produced, straight to your plate.

With hundreds of years of history and experience, we know how to produce something that tastes amazing!

Our animals are fed only on what we can produce on the FarmNot only do we believe in our own farming history, but we beleive in Britains Farming History! For this reason, we only use traditional home breeds form around the UK, meaning you can enjoy top quality tatsing food that has made UK farmers famous the world over.

And by rearing our animals outside, we eliminate as many artificial hormones as possible, hormones which have been proven to be found in some over the counter products. The natural ingredients found in the soil packs our products full of vital vitamins and minerals which are essential for us to lead a healthy lifestyle.

                                                                               (Our Animals are fed only on what we can produce on the Farm)


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